About Us

Milking Management has over 25 years experience in testing the Milking Machine , based in cheshire and surrounding counties we have a large customer base with no influence from major manufacturers and installers .

This means when you use Milking Management, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your equipment has been tested and a certificate given to state that all tests have been carried out in accordance with current British Standards.

All new milking machines must be installed and compliance tested to BS ISO 6690.BS ISO 5707

Built on the success of the Five Point Mastitis Control Plan, the Mastitis Management Action Plan (Mastitis MAP) has been developed to more effectively control environmental infections:

  • Hygienic teat management
  • Prompt identification and treatment of clinical cases
  • Dry cow management and therapy
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Culling of chronically infected cows


  • Milking Machine Testing

    THE MILKING machine is often blamed as a major cause of mastitis and milk quality problems. To minimise problems it is vital to test the plant while cows are being milked We find equipment problems on most dairies even though 90% or more of the farms that we visit are maintainedFind out more

  • Mastitis Control

    Mastitis is costing the UK dairy industry around £150 million a year and is the third most common reason for cows to be culled.Find out more

  • Advisory Service

    If a client is not achieving premium payments for his or her milk we can investigate the reasons for this and help them to produce milk of a quality that will attract these payments. Such an investigation might involve analysing the incidence of mastitis in the herd, the tube usage, the individual somatic cell counts of the cows and reviewing the milking routine and the environment in which the cows liveFind out more