“What is the importance of  fore-stripping,”  Since the very first milk has the highest SCC, you may usually see a slight SCC increase if  fore-stripping is discontinued . it also aids in  early detection  of clinical mastitis , again contributing to higher SCC. “Cows with clinical mastitis that go undetected may also have a higher chance of developing chronic subclinical mastitis.

This practice should be done before attaching the milking unit  to help stimulate milk let-down, and increase milk flow rate. Some people prefer to fore-strip each quarter before the pre- dip is applied and the teats are wiped clean and dry. Others prefer to do the fore-stripping after the cleaning process is done
Both ways work equally well in realizing the benefits of fore-stripping. Several field trials have shown that fore-stripping will increase milk flow rate and decrease unit on-time. Some studies have also shown that the total amount of milk removed at each milking may be increased when cows were fore-stripped. Fore-stripping has the potential in many dairy operations to improve milk quality and teat end health, reduce the rate of new IMIs, and improve parlour performance.

I would suggest no less than four squirts from each quarter .

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