After milking care ?

When it comes to milk quality, many dairy herds emphasize premilking protocols, such as application of germicides, teat stimulation and drying of teats. This emphasis is warranted, many standard preparation practices help reduce mastitis and improve milking efficiency. But what about after milking care?

1. Post milking teat dip
This is one of the most important practices. Every milking quarter of every cow should be dipped immediately after milking. Teats should be completely covered National Mastitis Council Recommend over 90 %. This is more difficult with sprayers rather than dip cups. Teat dip cups must be free of organic matter.

Each time you start the use of a new barrel or container of a post dip, mark the volume level of solution and date on the barrel. Follow consumption of that and any other component containers regularly to ensure the rates are what are expected according to the labelled ratio of the final product.
On average, the amount of teat dip used per cow per milking will be 10cc = 10milliters.
A 250 Cow herd twice a day milking will use 5000milliters a day.

2. Automated detachers
This equipment prevents over milking of cows. This leads to poor teat health and increased risk for mastitis. Cows should not be milked dry, a cup of milk should be easily hand stripped after milking. Over milking negatively affects teat health and reduces flow. This decreases turnover rate and most importantly, increases time in the holding pen and milking parlour when cows could be lying down or eating.
Automatic detachers should be evaluated regularly, as with other milking equipment, and milkers should be reminded to rely on automatic removal of milking units and to set units to manual only for select cows, such as after a unit is kicked off., if the automatic detachers are not maintained, milkers might resort to more frequent use of manual removal of units.

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