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2015 to 2016 Somatic cell counts (SCCs) continued to decline in the four Federal Milk Marketing Orders which monitor SCCs and report results, according to a report in the Upper Midwest Dairy News

The state with the lowest BTSCC was Wyoming, which had an average of just 125,000 cells/mL. Wyoming dairies included in the summary have had cell counts below 150,000 for at least the last six years. Michigan had the next lowest BTSCC average at 157,000. Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin were all below 200,000. Monitored milk from 24,131 producers
Maximum BTSCC levels for other countries include 400,000 cells/mL in the European Union (EU), Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Although there has been increasing support in the last few years for lowering the maximum BTSCC for Grade milk in the U.S. to 400,000 cells/mL, no changes have been made to the PMO Since the Mid-West imposed a 400.000 from 750.000 the Average cell count has dropped significantly.

I was glad to hear that one of the Scheduled Monthly monitoring of testing the milking machine along with monthly cow health management.

The Milking Machines were tested regularly at least every three months.

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