What are your aims for the coming year?

Is your  aim  to reach the top 25% of the current milk market for all milk quality measurements.
A low cell count along with low bactoscan and thermoduric counts reduced mastitis incidence and overall improve general health of your herd.

You have to look at the cost of a case of mastitis for your farm, track the cost in your herd.

Many dairy producers do not believe mastitis costs as much as studies suggests. Many producers think of mastitis costs as the price of intramammary antibiotic tubes. Dumped milk is valued at zero because waste milk is fed to calves. The financial losses based on the grade of mastitis, stage of lactation, reduced peaks, lower conception rates and damaged lactation curves do not show up on your financial report so money lost is unseen. But mastitis affects your bottom line every day.

The economic impact of mastitis is typically much larger than many dairy farmers think; much work has been done to estimate losses at the cow level, the herd level, and the industry level. Understanding the economic effects of mastitis, including partial budgeting for mastitis will highlight the cost, it is time dairy farmers budgeted for mastitis costs?

Education is the key looking forward and introducing mastitis control plans and implementing them with your team.
This belief of negative cost can be transmitted to your employees.
If you have 40% of clinical cases as is suggested its 40 cows per 100.
Highlighting the number of cases in the view of your team can be an eye opener and an education many workers are not privy to this information.
Is your challenge to improve herd health ?