Keep that Milking Parlour Clean

Cleanliness is the key to keeping a herd healthy and a farm in profit. Farmers know the dangers of potential diseases spreading through their herd. A cow out of action due to ill-health comes with a monitory loss in the form of lost production and treatment costs, but when that infection spreads through the herd, or even into the produced milk, the costs can have a disastrous effect on a farm.

A key part of maintaining high levels of milk quality is making sure the facilities where cows are milked are clean and sanitised. Reducing the amount of dirt and other organic matter in the milking parlour and surrounding area, you can limit its access to the udder. We all know that after milking cleaning the parlour is not one of the more enjoyable jobs on the dairy, but it certainly is necessary.

When parlours and milking facilities are kept clean, it improves the workers attitude and sends a solid message that everybody cares about parlour cleanliness and sanitation.

Cleaning and sanitising the outside of Clusters “develop a sanitised soak system “

Cleaning rump rails and steelwork.

Cleaning Control buttons daily.

If you see dirt or organic matter don’t walk past , clean it .

Attention to detail is the key.