The milking machine as a cause of severe agitation in cows

On a recent visit the dairy farmer had complaints about uneasiness of the cows during milking. The problems started after changing some parts of the milking machine. Therefore a dynamic milking machine test was carried out to detect the cause of the problems. This test showed that the removal of milk from the unit of the milking machine was insufficient with high and fast milking cows (4.0 kg/min). The cyclic variations in the short milk tube and the drop of the mean vacuum in the short milk tube did not comply with the milking –time requirements in cows with a high milk flow. Furthermore, in these cows, the mean vacuum in the beginning of the long milk tube was too low (25 Kpa) the dairy farmer had bought a cluster flush system with two inline valves next to the milk meter, this in affect was restricting the milk flow backing up to the original claw bowls (125ml capacity claws) these units prior to the fitment of the cluster flush coped with the movement of milk away from the claw.

The Cluster flush is no longer made and it has been removed and a new flush system is in the process of being installed.

Replace the milking claws by claws with a larger volume, the existing claw units are still being used (the farmer was comfortable in how he handled the unit)

After the implementation of some of the advises, the cows were at ease again. ��c��