Smart farming technologies.

Smart farming technologies.

Dairy farmers are facing many challenges today. As new systems for milking cows are installed it seems software systems are very complex. Many applications produce a lot of data, but do not offer the right information simply to the farmer. 

The complexity in the agricultural sector is increasing rapidly.

We are now moving into the age of SMART farming Therefore the future smart farming technologies are going to be leading the way over the years.

Smart farming is new and still developing it’s a huge market and growing rapidly.

You have just spent a fortune on your new milking system, with the knowledge you have the latest and up to date information at hand.

However the reality is that you just don’t have the time to digest all the information and act on it

That information is crucial to act and react to different situations.

I recently visited a farm where the state of the art milking system was installed with the latest software and a mind boggling amount of information.

Just one aspect of Smart farming when In conversation I asked the farm manager if he knew his percentage of mastitis cases per annum and whether all treated cases were recorded I was reassured that all cases were recorded and he believed his case rate was 25 percent, once I scoured the software it transpired it was more like 38 percent.

Having this knowledge he can now turn data into information to help him make better decisions.

If this data is used farmers, herdsmen and other dairy professionals can use the information to pass on to the employees and act accordingly.