10 Ways to Develop a Success-Oriented Mind-set in dairy farming

1. You have an issue you need to challenge.

You gain confidence by overcoming challenges, but when you fail to put yourself in challenging new situations you assume the outcome won’t be positive, you and your business will be unable to grow.

(Not every day is perfect)

2. Be open to finding a Mentor.

Getting help for self-improvement and business successes is essential. But many Farmers assume that finding a mentor is as simple as asking for help.

A mentorship doesn’t work that way. Instead, professionals need to put themselves in situations where they can build real open and honest relationships with you.

(Talking in snippets does not help)

3. Think of failure as a learning opportunity.

Failure is an outstanding learning opportunity. If you find yourself succeeding frequently, it may be a sign that you aren’t challenging yourself enough.dont be scared of trying again.

Develop a mind-set that views failure as an experience to learn from. We all fail!

4. Cherish your proudest moments.

While it’s important to focus on the present and future instead of the past, preserving a collection of moments you’re proud of can serve as a helpful reminder when you’re feeling down.

(Reflecting on how your parents fed the country in world war two is wonderful) move on!

5. Look for the best advisors and learn from them

Environment plays a significant role in creating our mind-sets. After all, we’re social creatures and are influenced by those around us. Surround yourself with capable individuals who can teach you knew things and who can encourage you to grow personally and professionally.

(Selective drying off to reduce antibiotic use is just one example)

6. Find time to disconnect from stressors.

Disconnect from work-related stress that can make it difficult to adopt a success-oriented mind-set.

(Remember you have a family talk to them )

7. Develop a simple happy morning routine.

Be happy stress free, encourage your staff to be happy and content.

(Going out in the morning moaning about another milk price drop to staff is not positive, there is not a lot you can do about it ,your negativity relays back to your staff)

8. Set time-bound and achievable personal goals.

Take a different approach to goal setting. Create time-bound goals that you know are achievable from the outset. Approaching goal setting from this angle will help to build your confidence, which in turn will reshape your thinking.

(So your severe mastitis treatment rate is 40% aim for 30 %)

9. Listen to your instincts.

Trust your instincts.

( I am feeding my cows tons of corn but yield isn’t going up )

10. Avoid stagnation.

If you feel as though you aren’t learning new things in your personal or professional life, it’s time to change.

Getting up milking cows, moaning about the milk price and just going through the motions is not for you.