Keep Calm

The latest dairy cow study has never been more exciting from researchers worldwide

The Dairy Industry is growing fast because some of the dairy farms are using latest technologies. These verities of technologies are planned to increase effectiveness and better cow management; along with increasing farm profitability and productivity.

However the latest research paper is a simple as can be, now I know a lot of progressive farmers would say well we knew that any way, I can assure some farmers are not and have never been aware and to publish a paper to reiterate that a study undertaken can have a valued result on you cows and milk production

So what’s it all about, it’s quite simple keep the routine consistent keep cow’s calm, adrenalin secretion prior to milk harvesting blocks milk release and reduces yield

The study found that a consistent routine will aid good let down, oxytocin release and calm cows increased yield up to 20 %

Bimodal milking is poor milking efficiency, cows that were excited and in fear, figures showed a reduction in milk yield.

So keeping your cows calm stress free increases milk production, why not give it a try, create an optimal milking environment  

Cows are a creature of habit consistency is the key trying to hurry and exciting cows has a detrimental effect on milk harvesting.

The study focused on the milkers, cow entry and cow exit

The study showed that different preparation resulted in poor let down different milkers with different attitudes affected milk harvest, shouting and whistling affected cow entry

Forcing cows into the milking parlour

And forcing cows out had an impact on cow stress.

The milking equipment was checked and adjusted to cause as little distress and pain.